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The Callipygian Auror

A Kingsley Shacklebolt Love Community

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Callipygian - "ka-l&-'pi-j(E-)&n - having shapely buttocks. (Merriam-Webster)

This is a Kingsley Shacklebolt love community. Very little is known about this Auror in canon, except that he's tall, black, bald, has a deep voice and wears a gold hoop earring. What canon doesn't say, but we know is that Mr. Shacklebolt also has one of the most fantastic arses in Potterverse.

Here you will find a Kingsley lovefest. We accept fics pairing him with the wizard or the witch of your choice. We love hot fics, fluff fics (Kingsley? fluffy? Sounds like a challenge), humor fics and angsty fics. Any fic with Kingsley's arse is a good fic for us. Fan art is more than welcome - it's desired and will be fed all sort of good things. Discussions are fine, too.

Spread The King's love. He's a hot one - even the Muggle Prime Minister panicked when he thought that Scrimgeour wanted to replace Kingsley, right?

Very important notice: This isn't necessarily a slash community. Kingsley thinks that life is too short to limit himself to one gender. Some of the fics and art here, however, may be R and NC-17, whether slash or het. So:

1. if you're not of legal age, please take notice of the fic ratings and do not click on the ones you shouldn't be reading.

2. if slash offends you, please refrain from reading the fics with obvious same gender pairings.

Authors: When posting your fics, please use the following format:

Subject: Fic Title by (your lj username)

Warnings/Notes/Dedications, etc:

Use an lj-cut, please. You may link the fic to your own page or to any other community. Or you may post it here. It's completely up to you.

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