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Title: Undone
Pairing: Kingsley Shacklebolt/Gideon Prewett with a side of Remus/Sirius
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Dubious consent leaning toward non-con
Summary: Sirius Black is captain of a pirate ship, Kingsley Shacklebolt is first mate for Lucius Malfoy. Order members Remus Lupin and Gideon Prewett are pulled into an adventure that ends at the Isla de la Muerta from PotC in an attempt to thwart Malfoy.

Continued from part one

He left Bill in Sirius' cabin and joined Sirius at the helm as they slowly closed the distance between the two ships.

"When will you catch up?" he asked.

"By nightfall."

"How will you get Lupin back?"

"I'll lose."

"Pardon me?"

"Get some sleep, Prewett. Let me worry about the details."

Sirius waved him away and turned toward Podmore. His first mate watched Prewett walk away before speaking.

"It's not worth going after him, Captain. He's expendable, we can let him go once we get Lupin aboard."

Sirius nodded, he agreed it was foolish to pursue Malfoy once they had Lupin. The bastard deserved to die – and once Sirius had proof that he wasn't guilty of killing Narcissa, he would do it himself. However, he was sure there would be a better option than pursuing this one.

* *

"Shacklebolt!" Malfoy yelled from the deck above. Kingsley ran out of the hold and didn't stop until he stood at Malfoy's shoulder.


"Wand at the ready?" he asked, indicating with a nod of his head that the other ship was close enough to attack.

"Yes, sir."

Malfoy glared at him, "If they take him, your life is forfeit."

Kingsley nodded, "I understand."

Instead of standing shoulder to shoulder with his crewmembers, Kingsley skulked back into the hold to guard their lone prisoner. While he knew it was important, he was confidant enough to know he best served his crew standing in the forefront, not guarding one prisoner.

However, he followed orders. Even when he heard the thuds above him of his comrades, falling to childish jinxes or the cries of the other crew avoiding the Unforgivable curses that Malfoy tossed about freely.

Kingsley paced back and forth in the hold, feeling useless. Eventually there were only four or five voices still yelling, and readying himself, Kingsley stood in front of Lupin as the hatch was thrown open.

Malfoy nimbly floated down the stairs, followed by three men. He backed closer to Kingsley, the two of them guarding Lupin side by side.

The man in front, with long black hair and a feral look on his face sneered.

"You're cornered, Malfoy."

"Not quite," he said quite pleasantly, as if they discussed which tea to serve and no one was holding wands in front of them, waiting for their captain's approval to cast another curse.

"Give me Lupin," he said

"I'll kill him first."

"You wouldn't dare."

"I have nothing to lose, Black, you're the escaped convict, not me."

So it was Sirius Black before him. Kingsley stepped closer to Lupin, who was standing very still, smirking at Black.

"Since I'm feeling so magnanimous today, I'll make you a trade, Sirius."

"I'll take what I want and be done with it."

"You will not," Malfoy said, his voice cold. "Half your crew is unconscious – or dead - on my deck. You'll never get them back to your ship with this prisoner. And you need your crew more than you need this one man. Besides, I have a fair trade to make."

"Name your terms," the man next to Black called out.

"You may take your crew and this prisoner, but give me back the curse breaker. I only want Weasley."

Kingsley started, that surprised him.

Black stood still for a moment, thinking.

"It's the best option you'll get, Black."

Motioning with his free hand to the man next to him, Black nodded. The man Apparated and returned seconds later with Weasley.

"Shacklebolt?" Malfoy said, but he was already walking forward.

Kingsley took Weasley by the chin and turned his face toward him, then nodded, "It's him."

Malfoy and Kingsley, prisoner held tightly in his arms, backed away as Black jumped forward and cast a spell to unlock the manacles. The first one didn't work and Kingsley smiled, knowing it wasn't that simple. It took Black too more spells to get it right. Lupin collapsed in his arms, then stood shakily on his own feet, yet Black didn't let him go.

They backed out of the hold, Black and Lupin going first with a crack of Apparition, while the other two scurried up the ladder. Several subsequent cracks meant they were taking their crew back to their own ship.

Malfoy turned toward Kingsley, "Put him in your cabin."

Surprised, but unwilling to question it, Kingsley nodded. He took Weasley by the arm and yanked him out of the hold.

Gideon walked calmly with him, content he wasn't getting put back into the chains. Of course, since Malfoy wanted his help, he had to be a little nicer. Gideon wondered how much he had figured out about him and Shacklebolt. Shaking his head, he realized he didn't care, as long as he was unchained.

Kingsley closed the door behind them, locking it manually and with his wand. His cabin was small and plain, but it was his own and he was thankful for it. Especially this day. "Chamber pot's in the corner, the mirror is spelled to not break, so don't try it. The cot pulls down from the latch in the center, but don't use it unless you plan to share it. I assume you washed aboard Black's ship?"

Gideon nodded. He'd washed immediately – it had been his first request actually.

"Need food?" Kingsley didn't want to leave the cabin. Weasley stood in the middle of the room, running one hand through bright red hair. He was clean and dressed; wearing tight brown breeches that were a little too long and covered his bare ankles. The while shirt was partially undone in the front and showed a smooth chest barely sprinkled with freckles.

Shrugging, Gideon didn't answer him.

"Right, I'll be back then," Kingsley said, happy for any excuse to escape and talk to the captain. He found Malfoy at the helm, guiding the ship with the compass.

"Done already, Shacklebolt? That surprises me," Malfoy said with an evil grin. "I took you for a seducer."

"Right. About that. Why do you want him in my cabin?"

"He needs to feel comfortable. We need him. I understand you've taken an interest in him, see if he returns it."

Malfoy gave his attention to the compass again and minutely adjusted the helm. "Let him think you care for him, Shacklebolt, it might mellow him."

Kingsley grinned, that was an order he didn't mind following.

Taking one plate heaped with food, Kingsley returned to his cabin with a bottle full of rum. Gideon had been sitting on the edge of his bed, but jumped off when Kingsley opened the door. He leaned against the wall and opened a small chest with books in it.

They were the only books Kingsley willingly kept aboard Malfoy's ship since they dealt with Wizards and celestial navigation and the like. He took a swig of rum and sat on the bed that Gideon had quickly vacated.

"Sit and eat," Kingsley said.

Hungry, but unwilling to be close to him, Gideon sat on the far corner of the narrow bed, leaning back. He took some food and ignored Kingsley to eat.

Kingsley handed him the bottle and Gideon took a long drink of the rum, not gagging at all.

Impressed, Kingsley took the bottle back and licked the mouth of it, causing Weasley to blush and look away. Grinning, he took another small drink and set it on the table. Not hungry, he set the whole plate down and moved closer to Weasley, who blushed some more and looked anywhere else.

Kingsley took another drink and, holding the bottle by Weasley's mouth, tipped it up for him to drink. He glared at him for a moment, and then slightly opened his mouth, accepting the rum. Purposely tipping it too far, Kingsley grinned as it ran over, spilling out his mouth and down his chest.

"My mistake," Kingsley mumbled, setting the bottle down and Weasley gasped as the cold liquid dripping down his chest. Before Weasley could stand up, Kingsley pushed him back, lying him on the bed, and rolled on top of him, knees bent on each side of Weasley's hips, and licked the rum off his chin.

"What are you do…" Kingsley licked Weasley's lips and, as he gasped, stuck his tongue in Weasley's mouth.

Gideon would gladly take the hold and its chains to avoid this contact with Shacklebolt. He didn't understand why his heart raced at the touch, or why his cock responded quicker to Shacklebolt than any woman in his past. He wished he could blame his desire on the rum that he sucked from Shacklebolt's tongue.

However, when Shacklebolt pulled his mouth away, Gideon whimpered involuntarily, then covered his mouth at Shacklebolt's smug expression. He quickly forgot all else when he felt Shacklebolt's tongue lapping up the trails of rum on his bare neck.

Not noticing how his shirt came off, all he knew was that his skin prickled in the cold, only warm where Shacklebolt touched him. Gasping for air, he scrambled for a steady foothold as warm fingers undid his breeches and shoved them out of the way, and then an even warmer – wet – mouth enveloped him whole.

He bit his tongue to keep from moaning, hands smacking against the hull as he felt Shacklebolt suck him. As he thought he could handle no more, one slick finger slid inside him, the tip rubbing against something that made his eyes roll into the back of his head from pleasure.

No woman had ever made him feel like that.

He could feel another finger pressing at the edge of his skin and tensed until Shacklebolt began humming, the vibrations close to making him come. Whimpering from the sensation, he didn't notice the second finger enter him.

Eyes closed, he opened them as fingers and tongue withdrew and Shacklebolt changed his position, hovering over him. "What are you doing?" Gideon asked as Shacklebolt rubbing something on his cock.

Kingsley didn't answer, it was obvious, and from the way Weasley had been whining beneath him, he wouldn't stop Kingsley. Damn, he'd dreamed of taking Weasley like this in his bed, writhing and willing while he watched with wide eyes. He'd taken Weasley in the hold, but not like this, with him trembling beneath Kingsley. They had all the time they needed, Malfoy told him to seduce Weasley, and Kingsley meant to.

Too bad their first few times hadn't been like this, but Kingsley knew he could make up for them. Eventually, Weasley would forget the old pain and settle for the pleasure.

"I'm going to fuck you, what do you think I'm doing?"

"Am I to be your cabin slave then?"

Kingsley pulled his legs apart and up – ignoring that comment. Weasley might whine, but he didn't fight him. Of course, he had no where to run, shoved into the corner of Kingsley's bed, legs help up in the air, Kingsley's cock pressed against his arse.

Kingsley slowly pushed inside, watching Weasley take a deep breath, trying to adjust. His cock wilted immediately, but Kingsley didn't mind, it just meant he could go slower, make it last longer.

"Breathe deep, relax," he mumbled.

"Easy for you to say," Weasley complained, then moaned again as Kingsley rubbed against that spot inside. Letting go of his legs, Kingsley leaned forward and pushed in slowly again. Weasley wrapped his legs around Kingsley and pulled him in deeper.

Gently taking Weasley's cock in his hand, Kingsley rubbed it, making Weasley harden again. With a smirk, he pushed in and out, fingers gliding across Weasley's skin in time to his movements. Kingsley was enjoying this more than he expected. Apparently, Weasley was as well, he grinded his teeth to remain silent, back arched off the bed beneath him while his hands clenched the rough sheets.

"Come for me," Kingsley mumbled, moving faster while he rubbed his thumb across the head of Weasley's cock. With a grunt, he finished, his hand catching most of Weasley's come as well. He wiped it off on Weasley's stomach, grinning at him while he did it.

Putting both hands on the bed, one on either side of Weasley's head, Kingsley leaned over and kissed the corner of his mouth. "Tell me you didn't enjoy it."

Weasley looked away and didn't answer him.

* *

Remus endured the myriad of colorful curses emanating from Sirius as he washed him. Feeling much like a child, Remus sighed deeply and told Sirius one more time that he was fine and to stop fretting. "We need to catch Malfoy's ship, Sirius."

"We're not going after Malfoy, I'm taking you home."

Remus whipped his head around, grabbing Sirius' hands. "What was that?"

"We're not going after Malfoy, not until you're home."

"Like hell we're not," Remus said, suddenly angry. "We can't let that treasure fall into his hands. What if Weasley finds a way to break the curse? Malfoy will be invincible."

"He won't because he's not Weasley. It's one of the Prewett brothers, Weasley's uncles. Bill is safe on this ship."

Remus nodded, he's known that but played along while in Malfoy's clutches. "Gideon is one of our informants, he's a good man. It took me a few minutes to recognize him at first because he looks just like Fabian – and a lot like Bill. I will not sacrifice him. What do you think Malfoy will do when he learns the truth? He'll kill him. I need Prewett alive for other reasons as well.

"Sirius, we need back on that ship. He's not the only informant I have there, it's vital they both get free."

Surprised, Sirius looked at him, unsure what to say, "You've changed."

"I had to change, Sirius. You were sent to Azkaban, remember? Someone had to become Dumbledore's right hand man with you gone. Everything I've done, I've done to help you clear your name. We're so close, Sirius, so close."

"Let me take you back first…"

Running one finger down the side of Sirius' face, Remus smiled, "I stay with you, here."

He waved his wand and called a towel to him, then stepped out of the wide barrel and dried himself.

"Wait! What were you doing on a ship? You don't like ships," Sirius asked.

"I recently heard about a rogue pirate captaining a ship called the Marauder, not long after news reached me you escaped and died. What do you think I was doing? I was searching for you."

"For me?"

"Yes, Sirius, for you. Everything I do lately is for you."

"Remus. I wanted to find you, to tell you. However, until I clear my name, it was hopeless. I can't drag you down with me. You wouldn't survive Azkaban, it would kill me if they sent you there."

Smiling sadly, Remus wrapped the towel around his thin body and held a hand out to Sirius, pulling him to his feet, "I'd survive. I'm stronger than you think, Sirius."

Unable to wait any longer, no longer caring what Remus thought, Sirius pulled him into his arms and they stumbled backwards toward his bed. When Remus didn't protest, Sirius smothered him in kisses, laying him gently on the bed.

"I can stay?" Remus asked between kisses. Sirius nodded.

"And you'll track down Malfoy's ship so we can clear your name?" Sirius nodded again, anxious to begin remembering Remus. He had forgotten too much about Remus in the three years he had been in Azkaban.

"Who's running the inn while you're here?" Sirius asked, hands meandering lower. He was torn between wanting to talk to Remus and needing to make love to him.

"Some friends of mine, they often help when I'm not feeling well or if I have to travel. I have to make short trips often and they watch it then for me." Wriggling beneath him, Remus lifted his hips as Sirius pulled off his breeches.

"This isn't a short trip," Sirius said, amazed that Remus could answer him coherently considering where his hands were.

"I called in some favors for this, I'm going to owe them."

"Good," Sirius gave up and stopped him from talking with a kiss.

Hoping that Sirius was done with the interrogation for now, Remus gasped as Sirius gently pushed his legs apart, he'd missed this. Amazed how quickly they fell back into each other's arms, and bed, Remus decided he shouldn't think about it. In the end, no one mattered to him the way Sirius mattered.

Remus opened his mouth to accept it, wrapping his arms tightly around Sirius. This wasn't new for them, but it had been rare. Remus had never felt this way with another person his whole life. It was amazing how Sirius made him want to talk about his secrets.

Some day, he promised himself. It wouldn't be that hard, some people already knew. He'd had to tell Gideon since Prewett was a Squib and unable to understand the dangers.

However, Sirius' kisses made him forget about Prewett and Shacklebolt, and then Sirius' wandering hands made him forget the last three years.

* *

Gideon awoke in an empty bed, rags and a full basin of water near him. Thankful he didn't have to see Shacklebolt yet, he washed quickly, dressing in different clothes yet again. They couldn't have been Shacklebolt's, he was taller and wider and these fit him surprisingly well. The gray shirt didn't have laces in it, it hung open on his chest and the black breeches were tight, but the material was soft, slippery. It felt decadent. Either way, Gideon didn't want to think about who had died to give him clothes. Which was an exaggeration and he knew it. However, it wouldn’t hurt to remember that he was alone amongst thieves and murderers.

Lupin being here had reassured him, because like Bill, he knew the truth Gideon hid. Gideon had worked for him for years and was comfortable with Lupin, no matter his furry problem.

Besides, Lupin accepted Gideon's shortfalls in the wizarding world. Gideon thought it was lucky that he and Fabian looked enough alike to trade places when needed. Without his brother's interference, he would have been cast out of their home as a child.

The door swung open and Kingsley entered, carrying the wand that Gideon had when he came back aboard.

"We're here, let's go."

The crew formed two loose lines on both sides of the ship, waiting to go ashore. Gideon walked in front, directly toward Malfoy while Kingsley prodded his back every time he faltered. He felt as if he was heading for the gallows – or a plank.

Calmly facing him, Gideon stopped moving an arm's length away, meeting Malfoy eye to eye. Gideon didn't flinch at his expression, but he felt more like he looked at a carved statue than a live person.

"You don't need to be told what will happen if you fail, do you?"

Gideon nodded, he expected they – probably Shacklebolt - would kill him the moment they realized he couldn't help him. Yet Bill was safe, which was all that mattered.

"Let's go!" Malfoy said. Apparently, he left all the intimidating up to Shacklebolt, not that one needed to hear the words from Malfoy, he wore his threats openly.

Malfoy guided the rowboats by wand into an immense cave, filled with gold, silver, trinkets, gems, whatever other swag the pirates had found through the years. It looked like they had been collecting treasure for decades. For a moment, Gideon wondered if Midas had died inside there.

All sorts of valuable metal were piled all over the ground, the cave itself looked like a king's treasury. Gold spilled over the sides of chests and other contains onto the ground and into the shallow stream that meandered through the cave like a golden waterfall. Gems varying in size from his fingertip to his palm were haphazardly scattered throughout, glittering in lamplight that Malfoy lit with a wave of his wand as they moved further inside.

Shacklebolt ignored all of it, yawning as if he saw such things every day – and he might for all Gideon knew. He pushed Gideon through a path littered with trinkets, causing him to stumble twice, and then toward a hill literally made of treasure. Forcing Gideon to climb up it, Shacklebolt joined him, physically turning him around to make him look at Malfoy, pushing Gideon to his knees.

"There's your job, curse breaker. Fix it, and you shall live."

Slipping on the loose treasure, Gideon scrambled to his feet. He leaned over the chest, but didn't open it. Gagging on the stench, he absently took the wand Shacklebolt handed him and held it in his lap. He couldn’t read the writing and wondered if there was a spell that made it possible.

"There's anti-Apparition spells in here, so don't bother to try," Shacklebolt said.

"Can you give me some space?" Gideon asked, beginning to feel nervous.

Kingsley slid back down the pile and stood at the bottom.

What is that smell? He wondered, and then realized death and decay emanated from the chest. He shuddered with revulsion, but he didn't speak. Standing up, he wandered around the chest, mumbling to himself, outlining some of the strange, gold, humanoid shapes on it, but didn't use the wand at all.

He could hear Malfoy in the background, mumbling about old curses and treasure. Carrying on with his grandiose speech that soon they would have the best treasure of all, that nothing would stop them once they could touch the gold coins.

He stopped after one complete circle with his back to Malfoy, Shacklebolt and the rest of them.

Tracing the outlines of the shapes and words on the chest, Gideon stalled, wondering what he could do to convince them the curse was broken. If they opened it anyway, maybe he could escape.

"Well, how do we get around it, curse-breaker?"

"It's done," Gideon said, "you can open the chest."

"I can, can I?"

"Yes, it's done," Gideon said, beginning to feel beads of sweat form in his hairline.

Laughing manically, Malfoy climbed up the pile of treasure. He pushed his wand against Gideon's chest, emphasizing each word, "I believe you are lying to me, Weasley."

"About what?" Gideon thought he had been prepared to die until that moment. He didn't look away from Malfoy, watching his mouth, waiting for the words that would kill him.

"The curse cannot be broken, the Aztec gods that made it put in provisions for that. If you tried to break it, you would be dead.

"You, Weasley, are a fake. I didn't bring you here to break the curse, I brought you here to tell me how to get around it."

"No, it was a simple thing to break. Aztec gods or not."

Laughing again, Malfoy backhanded him, Gideon's wand flying in one direction while he fell backwards over the chest. With a vicious kick, Malfoy pushed Gideon and the lid onto the ground.

"There is a simple way to test this. Weasley, take a coin."

Gideon shook his head, trying to clear his fuzzy brain. Did Malfoy tell him to take a coin?

"Shacklebolt, help him up."

Kingsley climbed up the pile and maneuvered to the other side of the chest. He picked Weasley up as if he was a rag doll and set him on his feet.

"Take a coin," Kingsley said, pointing his wand. When he shook his head, Kingsley sighed and cast Crucio, counting to six while Weasley fell to the ground, writhing in pain.

Kingsley picked him up again, still pointing his wand at him. "Take a damned coin."

Gideon grabbed the edges of the chest, forcing himself to stay on his feet.He hurt like hell, his vision was blurred, but he suffered it in silence.

Kingsley watched Weasley pick up a coin and he cast a spell on the lid, closing the chest again. Amazing that – not many men could do that after an Unforgivable; not many men could suffer that kind of pain in silence.

Before Kingsley could react, think, or buy Weasley any more time, Malfoy picked up his wand and calmly cast Avada Kedavra. Biting the inside of his cheek to keep from crying out, Kingsley watched Weasley tumble down the backside of the pile.

Closing his eyes, Kingsley turned around, unwilling to look again at the lifeless man as he fell to the ground, arm and leg partially in the water behind them. His face had been frozen with an expression of shock, his mouth slightly open; coin clenched tightly in his other hand.

Feeling numb inside, Kingsley promised himself – even if it felt empty for being too little done too late – that Malfoy would pay for the deaths he caused.

The men were grumbling, Malfoy spread his arms, waving them to gather their attention. "Fear not," he said, "We will solve the mystery of the Aztec treasure and…"

Malfoy left the treasure pile and the chest, hopping back across the rocks to walk among the crew, touching each of them on the shoulder. The crew loved him, they worshiped the ground Malfoy stood on, and they collected years of treasure for him, hording it until they knew what they could do with the Aztec gold and how it would best save them.

Kingsley didn't hear anymore. He'd heard enough through the years. He was exhausted. Malfoy needed justice, but he was tired of waiting for Dumbledore's – Lupin's - signal that it was time to end this charade.

The sound in his ears reminded him of thunder, Kingsley couldn't tell if it was anger or grief, it overpowered Malfoy's words, the crew's cheers and the sounds behind him of someone moving.

Wait, what was that? He whipped around and saw four men grinning at him, each one was holding a finger to his lips, begging for silence. He recognized the straw colored hair of Lupin, then the captain and his first mate. The fourth suspiciously looked like a younger version of Weasley.

He was the one reading the side of the chest, "That explains what happened, it's cursed. Take a coin, each of you, and attack. It will probably hurt at first, but I'll figure it out afterwards."

"Kingsley," Lupin said, "Open the chest and take a coin. It's time."

Nodding, Kingsley looked at the crew again. They surrounded Malfoy, most likely commiserating about their misfortune. He slid the lid partially open – it was time to end this. Five hands reached inside, each taking a coin.

He shut the lid and joined the crew at Malfoy's side, feeling reckless. He'd had enough, he found the proof necessary for Black to go free and Malfoy to go to Azkaban in his stead.

Then he had to talk to Black and find out how in the hell he escaped – and make sure no one else did. If only Lupin had arrived five minutes ago, if only Weasley was still alive… he squashed the thoughts. His act was almost at an end, it was almost time to end the undercover work and become an Auror again.

From the corner of his eye, he could see the other four spreading out, trying to sneak around Malfoy's crew and get into positions of advantage. It would work, as long as the crew didn't see them.

Kingsley knew how to stop that. He leaned against one of the rock formations, pulling a dagger from his breeches and cleaned his fingernails. As soon as Malfoy took a breath between his long-winded rhetoric, Kingsley asked, "To whom do we owe this treasure?"

"Malfoy!" they yelled.

"Who has led us these last few years? Hording our gold away to make us rich men sometime in the future?"


"What man does the English navy fear the most? What man has the highest record of sunken ships? What man has escaped the noose more times than any of you can count?"


Kingsley spun the dagger on his hand, raising it for all to see, "What man has kept us poor, unable to make port? Unwilling to give us our share of money to spend the few time we do reach safe harbor?"

Kingsley pushed himself away from the wall, wading through the suddenly confused crew until he stood in front of Malfoy. "What man doesn't pay us, but lets us borrow against our share of the treasure when we make said harbor? What man tells us to wait, that eventually the curse will be broken, but hasn't broken it yet?"

"Malfoy!" the voices were not as strong or confident this time. Malfoy smirked at Kingsley but let him continue to speak.

"What man took us from our families, from our home and keeps us busy raiding and drunk? What man keeps the books about how much we owe him from our portside trips? Who alone knows how much treasure is here when it comes time to share it amongst the crew?"

The cheers turned to mutters and Kingsley smiled as he stood in front of Malfoy.

"What do you hope to gain by these words?" Malfoy asked, grinning at him.

"The truth. If you are so very clever, then tell the men how you charge them. Tell the men that they will see all this treasure once the curse is broken and know that one fifteenth of the treasure is theirs. Tell them you won't keep any of it as payment for charges to their account."

Malfoy smiled, and hell broke loose.

Kingsley had bought them enough time to surround Malfoy's crew at the four points. They attacked, screaming jinxes and curses, falling most of the crew in the immediate confusion.

Kingsley drew his wand, but had to duck as Malfoy drew faster and cast Avada Kedavra at him, striking Goyle instead.

Grinning, Kingsley saluted him and rolled away into the throng of bodies. They were confused and still thinking about whether Malfoy really meant to pay them and their fighting showed it.

He stood five feet away, hitting man after man with jinxes. Malfoy cast Avada Kedavra again and Kingsley ducked then turned to see it strike Lupin.

Suddenly angry to watch another good man fall to Malfoy's wand, Kingsley roared with anger and stood. Black made his way to his side and they advanced on Malfoy, side by side.

Laughing, Malfoy stood his ground, "Will you kill me, Black? Will you, Shacklebolt?

"You are obviously savvy, Black, to escape from an inescapable prison. I could use a man like that by my side, one who thinks quickly, one as notorious as I am. You will never live among the purebloods again, there is no proof you did not kill my dearly loved wife.

"And you, Shacklebolt, over some man? A pureblood who would never stand by your side? No matter how eccentric the Weasley's are, you would never find acceptance among them."

Black stepped to the right as Shacklebolt moved to the left; they couldn’t afford to let one curse hit them both.

"This is the end, Malfoy," Black said.

Laughing, Malfoy raised his wand and both Kingsley and Black as one raised their wands.

Avada Kedavra cast three voices as one.

Kingsley flinched as the cold green light splattered across his body, the cold seeping quickly through his body, freezing skin, then bone then blood and finally his heart until he could feel nothing and collapsed to the ground.

* *

He opened one eye, then closed it quickly again, pain spiking through his skull,. The rush of thunder faded and he could make out male voices around him. He could hear the tinkle of gold around him and the whisper of running water. Warmth gradually returned to his body.

"Shacklebolt? Are you all right?" asked someone that suspiciously sounded like dead Bill Weasley.

Was he in heaven?

He opened his eyes again and focused on the warm hands against his face.

"There you are," Weasley said, smiling above him.

"Lupin's told me all about you, I'm afraid your career as an evil first mate has ended, Auror Shacklebolt."

"Lupin's here as well?' Kingsley asked.

"Of course he's here."

"Are we in heaven?"

He heard the mocking laughter of Sirius Black.

"The likes of us don't end up in heaven, Shacklebolt."

Kingsley rolled to his side; he was on the ground, still in the cave of treasure where he had fallen. "I don't understand."

The young man with Black and Lupin grinned, and Kingsley shook his head; he really looked like Weasley. "The treasure was cursed by Cortez's gods. Whoever takes a piece of the treasure cannot die. After a time, you lose all feeling, food makes you sick, rum doesn't appease your need for drink, your skin looses the ability to feel touch."

"Who are you?" Kingsley asked.

"Bill Weasley."

Kingsley looked up into the blue eyes of the man he thought was Weasley, then who…

"Gideon Prewett, I'm Bill's uncle."

"You're not dead?" Kingsley asked, suddenly uncaring what his name was, even as he registered in the back of his mind that Prewett was still a pureblood. So he hadn't witnessed a death. Well, he had, but…

"No, I took a piece of gold before Malfoy killed me, remember?"

Kingsley frowned, unsure what to say to him. "How do we break the curse?" he asked.

"I'm working on that," the real Bill Weasley said.

Lupin was lying on Prewett's other side, softly moaning and holding his head.

"You okay there, Lupin?" Gideon asked.

"I survived Avada Kedavra?"

"All three of us survived it. Black and Podmore are arresting the crew. Malfoy is dead. Bill is trying to break the curse…"

"I got it!" Bill yelled out and Gideon grinning, tapping Kingsley on the head.

"Ready to be mortal again?" he asked.

Kingsley rolled off his lap and sat up, "If you are."

Pulling each other to their feet, Gideon grinned at him. "I am. I don't fancy a life with no feeling in my skin," he slowly raked his eyes across Kingsley's body, "I don't think it's your preference either."

Returning the smile, Kingsley nodded, "I can think of a thing or two I'd like to feel."

"Gentlemen," Lupin said, stepping between them, "Please spare us your reunion. I'm sure some of the people here don't want to know about how you spend your personal time."

Gideon laughed at him, blushing, but lowered his voice, "Whatever, Lupin. As if your concern for clearing Black's name is for justice's sake alone."

Kingsley raised an eyebrow at Lupin's blush, but didn't comment on it. Black and Podmore gathered the rest of the wands from the crew and joined Weasley near the chest.

"I'm not good at pontificating," Bill said softly, "so just let me say: Begun by blood, by blood undone."

With a flourish of the knife, he sliced his palm open and bled on the coin, dropping it back into the chest. Each man held his hand out, repeating the process and they stood there in silence, unsure what to do to test it when the lid from the chest suddenly slid closed with a bang.

Starting, Gideon grimaced at it, "Bloody wizards and their magic."

Black looked around, his wand still pointed at Malfoy's crew, "We need to return to England, Shacklebolt, will you take the helm of Malfoy's ship? I'll send Podmore along to help you."

Kingsley nodded, "Aye, Cap'n." He paused, then turned toward Gideon, "Care to join me for the trip back?"

Kingsley didn't expect an answer. He assumed that Gideon might take the portkey back with his nephew. Yet when Gideon nodded, Kingsley was thrilled by his choice. He turned toward Bill, who shook his head.

"I need to be in Cairo as soon as possible."

Podmore cast Mobilicorpus, Malfoy's dead body following behind him. Kingsley stopped it long enough to take the compass from him, pocketing it before Black noticed. He winked at Gideon, who shook his head, but didn't say anything.

He glanced at Black, but the man hadn't moved yet, he was still watching Lupin.

Remus looked at Sirius, "Captain Black, permission to board with you?"

"Granted," Sirius said with a brilliant smile.


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